Frac Tanks provide temporary storage of thousands of gallons of liquid material. At Bodine Environmental Services (BES), we can help you with storage and transportation of liquid waste.

Bodine is unique and separates themselves from many other tank rental companies by providing more of a turn-key approach to meeting the client’s overall needs. For example, a client needed to rent a frac tank to store temporarily the contents of a permanent storage tank while it was cleaned and inspected. The various steps in the process included:

  • Mobilization of a frac tank to the client’s facility
  • Pumping the contents of the permanent tank into the temporary storage tank (equipped with portable spill containment berms)
  • Confined space entry into the tank by a competent crew for the purpose of cleaning the tank
  • Profiling, transportation and disposal of the residual product and wash waters
  • Return of the stored product to the permanent tank after inspection by others
  • Decontamination of the frac tank and
  • Demobilization from the site.

This multi-step process typically requires the use of multiple contractors and coordination of schedules and activities. All of this demands management time on the part of the client. The likelihood of a problem goes up proportionately with the number of separate vendors involved. In the above real scenario, Bodine handled each step in the process. Once the call came in and the client approved the scope of work and proposal, Bodine did everything necessary to prepare for the inspection and everything required once the inspection process was completed.

Bodine’s frac tanks are very well designed and equipped with features that benefit our clients such as smooth interior walls with no cross bracing, greatly reducing the cleaning time. In addition, the convenient built-in stairs greatly improve the safety conditions for workers who have to access the top of the tank. With Bodine’s fleet of 5,000-gallon vacuum tankers, industrial pump trucks and experienced crew, we are prepared to handle all of your cleaning and waste transportation needs.

Bodine continues to provide specialized industrial cleaning services to a wide variety of corporate and municipal clients. We operate from a core philosophy of adding value to our client's business by providing solutions to their difficult cleaning problems.

No company wants to be in need of emergency response services but accidents happen. And when they do, you definitely want the experience and technical capabilities that Bodine Services provides.

When a client needs environmental services, they usually want to deal with a single entity that can accomplish the task at hand without the need to involve other outside parties. Bodine understands this and is able to provide not only Contracting Services but Consulting Services as well.

Bodine conducts and assists with waste sampling and profiling along with manifesting, transportation, and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

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