The great industrialist Henry Ford had a passion for learning and believed that one should continue to pursue knowledge regardless of age or any other factor. He is quoted as saying “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.” Bodine’s Central Training Facility embodies this statement from the Father of Mass Production.

Bodine Services of the Midwest’s Centralized Training Facility is dubbed “Bodine U” and located at the company’s Decatur, IL headquarters. The training center allows trainees a much greater degree of hands-on experience than was previously possible.  The primary goal of this project was to ensure that we offer a training environment that does the best possible job of preparing newly hired team members for success in the field.  Additional benefits include the ability to have a live research and development center to test new equipment and techniques, as well as the opportunity to provide refresher and advanced training to our tenured work force.

Providing a thorough training experience is nothing new to the Bodine program. For decades, training has played a key role in the growth and success of Bodine. Prior to their first day on the job, new hires have already passed a drug screen and hair follicle drug test. Hair testing “looks back” more than three times as far as the standard urinalysis commonly used in industry today. In addition, Bodine conducts a full OSHA HAZMAT physical exam and background check on each incoming field employee. Once on board, a Bodine trainer leads the new team member through a full 5-day class covering such topics as Confined Space Entry, Lock-Out Tag-Out, Water Blasting and Vacuum Truck Safety, First-Aid, CPR/AED and a host of other technical and safety related topics. At the conclusion, each employee is issued an OSHA 10 card along with First-Aid and CPR certifications.

While providing “hands-on” experience has always been a part of the program, Bodine lacked the facility to conduct this phase of training. The training facility allows Bodine to do things right and includes a large tank or vessel where confined space entry, air monitoring, and emergency rescue procedures can be practiced. Additionally, horizontal and vertical tube bundles allow trainees to experience water blast lancing of tubes and a mechanical panel provides hands-on assistance in lock-out tag-out training.

Another Henry Ford quote says “Before everything else, getting ready is the secret of success.” The Training Facility allows us to get our crews ready to deliver effective solutions to our client’s toughest cleaning challenges. Our dedication and commitment to well trained technicians working safely, efficiently, and in the client’s best interest, is as strong as ever.


Bodine continues to provide specialized industrial cleaning services to a wide variety of corporate and municipal clients. We operate from a core philosophy of adding value to our client's business by providing solutions to their difficult cleaning problems.

No company wants to be in need of emergency response services but accidents happen. And when they do, you definitely want the experience and technical capabilities that Bodine Services provides.

When a client needs environmental services, they usually want to deal with a single entity that can accomplish the task at hand without the need to involve other outside parties. Bodine understands this and is able to provide not only Contracting Services but Consulting Services as well.

Bodine conducts and assists with waste sampling and profiling along with manifesting, transportation, and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

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