DI3 Dry ice blasting is similar to sand blasting, plastic bead blasting, or soda blasting but offers some distinct advantages. Dry ice blasting is a non-toxic, non-hazardous cleaning method that uses dry ice to blast away dirt, grease and grime.

How does dry ice blasting work? Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide gas that is very cold, -110 degrees F. Small pellets of dry ice are accelerated to supersonic speeds with compressed air. The pellets strike the surface to be cleaned, safely and effectively removing the unwanted contaminants. The dry ice pellets lift off the material from the surface being cleaned by mechanical abrasion and thermal shock. Then the dry ice simply evaporates, leaving very little residue for cleanup. Dry ice blast cleaning can be used on electrical equipment such as motors and switchgear, food processing equipment, molds and dyes,, restoration of smoke damage where the use of water or chemicals are feasible. No drying time or solvent cleanup is required. Equipment is cleaned in place.

Bodine owns numerous state-of-the-art Cold Jet blasting systems and has machines available at all of our locations.  We have clients that use dry ice blasting on a regular basis throughout the Midwest. Bodine has the training, experience, and equipment to respond rapidly and expertly to your dry ice blasting project needs. Please contact Bodine about dry ice blast cleaning.


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