Mercury spills pose a possible health risk to humans and the environment.  The EPA web site states that if the spill is one pound or more (about 2 tablespoons), contact must be made with the National Response Center (NRC).  For spills of any size, contact Bodine for advice that will keep you compliant with regulatory requirements and help protect the health and safety of anyone in the area of the spill.

General guidelines are to keep all people away from the area where the spill occurred, isolate the area from adjacent spaces, provide good ventilation, don’t attempt to vacuum the spilled material and get professional advice from a firm such as Bodine.

Bodine continues to provide specialized industrial cleaning services to a wide variety of corporate and municipal clients. We operate from a core philosophy of adding value to our client's business by providing solutions to their difficult cleaning problems.

No company wants to be in need of emergency response services but accidents happen. And when they do, you definitely want the experience and technical capabilities that Bodine Services provides.

When a client needs environmental services, they usually want to deal with a single entity that can accomplish the task at hand without the need to involve other outside parties. Bodine understands this and is able to provide not only Contracting Services but Consulting Services as well.

Bodine conducts and assists with waste sampling and profiling along with manifesting, transportation, and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

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