Emergency-Response2Bodine Services can respond fast to emergency spill situations, as a certified Illinois EPA Emergency Response Contractor and an Illinois EPA Corrective Action Contractor. Bodine Services has a complete organization, wide selection of equipment to handle any size spill in any location, fully trained and qualified personnel to manage and execute the response, and plenty of supplies like drum pallets, drip pads, berms of various sizes, personal protective equipment, and salvage containers.

Whether it’s a tank truck rollover on a busy highway, a railroad derailment in a hard-to-access location, or a spill in a plant full of people, contact Bodine Services for a quick response that works to minimize your regulatory exposure.

Seconds count in the Emergency Spill Response Services business. Our trained professionals coordinate Bodine’s response to over 200 Emergency Response Events each year. The ability to make quick decisions under pressure is a critical skill in this line of work.

A variety of materials including acids, caustics, petroleum products, paint, solvents and other substances that have the potential to harm the environment, are commonly encountered in the ER cleanup business. Bodine has the experience of dealing with Emergency Response Events emanating from such sources as tractor trailer rollovers, industrial spills, leaks from tanks and processing equipment, train derailments and transformer failures, to name a few.

When responding to an emergency spill event on an interstate or highway, the primary objective of the initial response (this assumes that first responders such as fire and police have dealt with any immediate threats to persons or property) is to mitigate the potential of leaking fuel or other liquid contaminant from entering a waterway that could result in the contamination of drinking water supplies. This includes hazardous material entering rivers, lakes, streams sewers, drains and ditches. Frequently this is achieved through the use of absorbents and diking materials.

Once the threat of contaminants migrating to undesirable locations is removed, attention is directed to cleaning up the impacted soil or area where the spill occurred. The cleanup may involve pumping liquids from diked areas or the drumming of absorbents. With the clean up complete, the possibility exists that a more invasive remediation of the site is necessary. This would be true in situations where contaminants leached into subsurface soils. This step is typically accomplished by removal of impacted soils, testing for assurance that all contaminants are removed and replacement with clean fill material. Ordinarily a grass seed mix or erosion blanket is the final step of bringing an affected area back to an acceptable condition.

Bodine Environmental Services brings together the necessary equipment, trained personnel and experience to safely and properly address most spill events. Bodine owns excavation equipment, roll-off trailers and containers, 21,000 gallon frac tanks, vacuum boxes, stainless vacuum tankers, emergency response trailers and a host of other specialized equipment. Our personnel are 40 hour HAZWOPER trained and participate annually in required refresher training. In addition, Bodine conducts supervisor skills training and maintains the capability to respond to emergencies requiring “Level A” personal protective equipment.

While no motor carrier, rail or barge operator ever wants to have an event resulting in the loss of product and the need for emergency spill response activities, it is critical that properly trained personnel be involved as early as possible to mitigate the severity of the situation. Bodine is pleased to be able to provide Emergency Spill Response services to a large number of clients in the Midwestern United States.


Bodine continues to provide specialized industrial cleaning services to a wide variety of corporate and municipal clients. We operate from a core philosophy of adding value to our client's business by providing solutions to their difficult cleaning problems.

No company wants to be in need of emergency response services but accidents happen. And when they do, you definitely want the experience and technical capabilities that Bodine Services provides.

When a client needs environmental services, they usually want to deal with a single entity that can accomplish the task at hand without the need to involve other outside parties. Bodine understands this and is able to provide not only Contracting Services but Consulting Services as well.

Bodine conducts and assists with waste sampling and profiling along with manifesting, transportation, and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

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